After a successful inaugural event in 2023, the Sustainability Awards, hosted by Metsä in association with the Cleaning 
and Services Support Association is back for its next edition in 2025.

The awards ceremony was founded with the aim of bringing about an increased focus on sustainability in all its forms e.g. carbon reduction, positive impacts on society, use of renewable energy, use of technology. The first event generated much interest and we are confident that the 2025 Sustainability Awards will as well. This will result in a positive momentum that will drive more Environmental, Social & Governance initiatives to help support the future of our world. Our aim is to highlight and reward sustainability practices throughout our industry and thus create a positive, lasting impact on the environment.

This awards programme is open to all organisations involved in the Cleaning & Hygiene Industry, either as providers, or users, including suppliers large and small, membership and accreditation organisations and government departments including local and county councils. So, if you, your organisation, your team, your service or your product is making a positive difference, directly or indirectly to people and the planet, you are eligible!

Awards event – Wednesday 19th March 2025 @ The Pelligon, Canary Wharf.

Deadline for entering – 31st August 2024.


This year, the Metsä 2025 Sustainability Awards Ceremony will also recognise, and salute, the winners of the CSSA Innovation Showcase, who will be demonstrating how they are creating a positive impact on our industry at The London Cleaning Show. This event celebrates the cleaning industry’s most innovative products, services and initiatives; and in particular, better solutions to social, political and environmental requirements, and existing market issues. As our partners in the Sustainability Awards, it makes perfect sense to showcase innovations that are making our industry better as well, and the 6 winners of this event will also receive a ticket to the Awards Ceremony. To enter the CSSA Innovation Awards, please click here:

Metsä Group is an international operator in sustainable bioeconomy and a significant forest industry company with strong roots in the Finnish forests. We make products from renewable wood that replaces fossil materials, and which are needed by people around the world in their daily lives. Metsä Tissue brings Metsä Group’s sustainable value chain to the tissue industry. The main raw material for our tissue products, fresh fibre, comes from responsibly grown forests and is a natural choice for hygiene products. These, together with our profound expertise, provide a competitive advantage.

The CSSA is run by the Cleaning Industry for the Cleaning Industry. It exists to help businesses Grow, Comply, Change and Innovate. They do this through their accreditations, recognising greatness, key events, online and offline business advice, and having government representation.

Metsä Tissue Announces Nominated Charity for the Metsä 2025 Sustainability Awards

Metsä Group’s tissue paper business, Metsä Tissue, is pleased to announce that The Hygiene Bank has been chosen as the nominated charity for the 2025 Sustainability Awards.
As part of their 2025 Sustainability Awards event, to be held on 19th March 2025, Metsä Tissue has chosen to support The Hygiene Bank, a UK-registered charity dedicated to ensuring that everyone living in the UK has access to essential hygiene products.

The Hygiene Bank is a grassroots charity and social movement dedicated to providing hygiene essentials to those in need across the United Kingdom. Founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to basic hygiene products, The Hygiene Bank works tirelessly to address hygiene poverty and advocate for systemic change.

In 2024 hygiene poverty affects 4.2m adults in the UK, that is 8% of the total population. Since 20222, the cost-of-living crisis and the inflation crisis has pushed over 1m more people into hygiene poverty. Hygiene Poverty affects 17% of those who are unemployed, compared with 13% of those working part-time and 7% working full-time. Hygiene poverty disproportionally affects people with disabilities or long-term conditions (21%), those on lower income households (18%) and those from ethnic minorities (12%).

It is essential that we look to address this and help provide essential hygiene products.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen by Metsä Tissue to support The Hygiene Bank during the Sustainability Awards 2025. This partnership not only helps us provide the basic hygiene essentials to people pulled into hygiene poverty across the UK, but also highlights the power of unity in making a difference. Together, we can end hygiene poverty, once and for all.”
Ruth Brock, CEO of The Hygiene Bank.

Donations will be taken at the event, but if you would like to make one before please contact

For more information about the important work of The Hygiene Bank, including the locations of its local projects and donation drop off points, visit